What Is the Purpose of a Film Review?

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Watching films in a class or as a part of the homework is a common type of activity for training students’ writing and critical thinking skills. It is usually used to illustrate the material that is being studied and to enrich students’ points of view…

How to write a perfect novel synopsis

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Defining Synopsis A novel synopsis is a clear, factual summary of your novel storyline. It covers the key information about your novel including main themes, plot, setting, and characterization. It also shows how all these elements coalesce to form an interesting and captivating story. It…

Creative Writing – Unique Form of Literature

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Creative writing does not fit in the general world of literature. It is a phenomenon due to its form. Well, because it does not have one. In this collocation, the key word is “creative”. It leaves space for the flight of a thought that can…

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