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8 Ways to Stay Safe on Your College Campus

8 Ways to Stay Safe on Your College Campus photo

How to Stay Safe in Student Areas

It is actually impossible to avoid some problems and misunderstanding during all year of studying, living in college campus. If you are afraid of living in a student area, especially in a big city, these 8 tips how to feel secure will not be in vain for you to read.

  1. You should always lock the door. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your room or somewhere out, you should always follow this rule. Also, the daytime doesn’t mean your door should be opened all the time. By locking the door to your room, you will protect yourself from something bad that can happen during you are out or asleep.
  2. Shut all windows when you are out of the room. Burglars are mostly known to enter houses and flats by means of windows. So, it is better to ensure yourself that all windows in the room are closed and only then go out.
  3. Report the guard or police when you see something wrong and suspicious. When you hear that somebody is trying to open the door, or when there is noise near your windows at night, report the police about it as soon as possible. They will clear up the situation for you immediately and you will surely feel protected.
  4. Listen carefully to the police. It may seem to be a little bit funny for somebody but this tip should be necessarily followed. At the beginning of the year police always give important devices to students and provide them with a list of how to behave properly. They can save your life after all, so don’t ignore it.
  5. Book a taxi a few doors down. The deal is that when the burglar sees a lot of people going out from the house, they will surely think it is empty. So, you should never get a taxi from outside your dwelling.
  6. Make sure you are going home not alone. Just think how miserable you will be alone in comparison with a man who want to mug you. So, the next tip sounds like never go home alone, especially at night. Find some people who are going the same direction as you. In addition, it will be funnier than walking alone.
  7. Find out community buddy contacts. It is possible in many student areas already. They are used to find people who are willing and free to walk home or somewhere with somebody when it`s dark and a person is alone. You just have to post where you live and what is your further direction. Buddy will find you and accompany all the way.
  8. Start following your local police on social networks. They will always keep you up-to-date about what is going on around. When you are well-informed, you are well prepared. This will surely help you to stay safe as well.

It doesn’t mean you should be afraid all the time and not having fun at all. Just try to follow these tips – they will make things easier for you.

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