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General Information Concerning Privacy Policy

What is the Privacy Policy? Actually, it is a lawful system, the aim of which is to follow customers’ and workers’ activity speaking about the website usage and its managing.

If you accept all our conditions, you start legal cooperation with us. As the result, our company and you automatically gain some rights and commitments.

Once you start using our website or just open it in any program on any gadget, you agree to the arrangements of this report and turn out to be legitimately bound by it. If you do not want to be bound and completely disagree with all these issues, just leave the website and don’t take up our services.

The Privacy Policy follows all your activity on our website.

General Securement Provided

In order to provide our customers with services of the highest quality, the procedure of identification and recognition is a must our company. While customers just look through our website, only some chosen details are collected. It is all done to improve the platform for users and benefit the service as the whole.

The collected data is based on the Privacy Policy and everything is done according to the law. It should also be mentioned, that most of information is given personally by you.

View some information you provide us with:

  • Customer’s identification
  • Customer’s communication with our Customer Support Platform
  • Customer’s comments, reviews etc.

Check the details gathered by us:

  • Customer’s activity on our website
  • Transactions and transferring which are conducted to our company
  • Executing cookies files etc.

Be aware that these pieces of information are never collected by us:

  • Customer’s perspectives on legislative issues
  • Customer’s religion
  • Customer’s sex orientation
  • Customer’s physical or psychological conditions
  • Customer’s criminal issues

Once a customer visits our page, such data is collected automatically:

  • Time of visiting
  • Customer’s browser type
  • Customer’s operating system

All the Details Concerning Your Purchase

If your aim is not just to overview out website, but to place the order as well, we ask you to provide us with some required information and specifications. Among them are following details:

  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Type of your credit card, name and last 4 digits on it
  • A duplicate of the document which identifies the person

Your email address is mainly used to send you some notification about the order status. Or, sometimes the writers need to clarify something etc. You can also get some new information on it concerning our company, for example, new discounts and special offers for customers.

Your identification document and credit card data are required to secure you from possible scam. In order to protect our customers from fraud, we collect this sort of information.

Information about Cookie Files

If speaking about cookies, we use them just to make our website more convenient for customers.

Direct and Constant Communication

We understand how direct communication is important while taking up online services. Of course, we do our best to provide all customers with the highest level of quality and services. So, if you think that some collected information is inappropriate or is kept illegally, all questions and suggestions are welcomes. You can contact us any time via Online Platform or by sending a message via the email.

In addition, you can ask about any of your personal information hold. We will surely:

  • Provide with the depiction of the data
  • Illuminate all the reasons to keep it
  • Inform you who have access to that information
  • Give you the copy of all your documents kept

Privacy Policy at our company is strictly followed by all team members. Stay secure with our academic writing company!

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