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Money Back Guarantee

Once you start cooperating with custom writing service, you will understand how loyal we are. Unlike other writing companies, we do not chase money but want to create a friendly and trustful relationship with our customers. Our aim is to have a big number of regular clients as well to invite new customers and constantly impress all of you with our dedicated, high-quality, and effective student services.

When you make an order at our service, of course, you want to be sure that money you paid for a paper will bring you an expected result. We satisfy our clients’ requirements in 99%. There are cases when clients are not totally happy with the result, think that we did not follow the instructions, or get a report from a teacher or a professor that a paper does not match given criteria.

We made it possible for our customers to receive a refund in certain cases. Please, review the cases that allow you to receive money back and get only a high-quality service below.

1. 100% money-back option is available if:

  • We will send you money back in case you paid twice for the same order. If any writer has not started working on the order, you will get a refund. If you make a double payment by mistake, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible;
  • If you did not receive an answer what writer will work on your task, you will get money back. We will notify you and send you money back;
  • We guarantee to send you 100% refund if we delay the delivery.

2. 70% money-back option is available if:

  • When less than 50% of the order deadline is passed and you decide that you no longer need a paper. We will be able to return only 70% of the money, the rest of money will be sent to your writer who has already spent time on doing your homework.

3. 50% money-back option is available if:

  • When more than 50% of the order deadline is passed and you no longer need a paper delivery. 50% of paid money will be returned while another half will be sent to your writer;
  • We will also return 50% of paid money in case we cannot provide you a writer for a paper revision.

Please notice that once you send a paper for a revision, you will not be able to apply for a money-back option. We provide a revision to correct your paper, rewrite some parts, and once again try to follow your instructions and satisfy your requirements. You will have 14 days to decide whether you trust us to revise your paper. The statistic shows that our customers are satisfied with papers and their quality after a revision.

Money-back guarantee is not applicable if our Quality Assurance department admits that all instructions and requirements were followed. If you have been given a discount, you cannot use a refund option. Also, a money-back guarantee is not applicable if you ordered extra services such as extras such as VIP Customer Service, Abstract, Plagiarism Report, TOP Writer, Sources Used, etc. Once you click the button “Approve”, you will not be able to send a paper for a revision or ask for a refund. offers quite a flexible money-back policy which allows you to get a full amount or at least 50% of money back. We operate 24/7 and will be glad to answer your questions and provide you more information on our guarantees.

Hopefully, your experience with us will be positive and bring you the desired result which is the A+.

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