Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter

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How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You a Job We bet that you each time you have to write a cover letter you may think something like “Does anyone read this at all?”. Well, yes, mostly they do! And it is your…

Writing a Statement that Reveals Your Goals

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What You Should Avoid When Creating a Personal Statement A personal statement should disclose your experience in the chosen field of knowledge. You have to be able to bring urgent matters to the table while avoiding needless rambling. This is the kind of practice that…

5 Strategies for Teachers to Build Trusting Relationship with Students

Date Published:

How to Build Trusting Relationships with Students: Secrets from the Teacher The positive relationships between teacher and students affect children’s performance greatly, and every teacher should strive to become a reliable adult for students. However, not every teacher wants to learn more about their students…

How to Get through the First Week: Student’s Guide

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Top Tips that Will Help You Handle the Fresher’s Week Fresher’s week is full of troubles and new experiences. Students are just about to discover their status and position on campus. They can try their luck with the local customs or subdue to the traditions…

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