How to write a persuasive argumentative essay

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Argumentative essay – one of the types of research work, allowing you to consider a specific problem from different points of view. If you want your academic writing to be excellent, it is essential to follow certain recommendations in the following order: Choose the theme…

How to Write a Capstone Essay

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The purpose of writing a capstone project is to demonstrate what a student has learned during the course and to evaluate his/her knowledge in a certain subject. Primarily capstone essay is aimed at developing and maintaining a bunch of useful skills such as public speaking,…

How to write a competent analytical essay?

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An analytical text is a literary result of the investigation of certain facts (of objective reality or some speculative statements, judgments, philosophical categories, etc.), the main method of which is analysis. The analytical essay aims to convey to the reader not just some information, but…

Present critical discussion of the book from unique perspective

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A book review has become one of the most popular writing assignments at schools and colleges. Teachers usually ask students to accomplish such type of creative writing as they can show their own opinions about somebody’s work in this way. The book review is not…

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