Best things to give a person who can afford everything

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Best gifts for a person who has everything or wants nothing

Some people are practically impossible to choose the right present for: you do not want to give something that the person will not like or even worse – re-give to someone else. Usually, there is nothing you can buy them that they don’t already have and it might drive you crazy. However, instead of giving up and crossing these people off your list and your life, go an extra mile and come up with something creative and non-ordinary.

Gifts for those who don’t need gifts

If you don’t know what exactly the person wants as a gift, overthinking will not help. Before you throw your hands up and just put your cash inside a greeting card, look what we’ve got for you. Here are some unique, practical, a little weird but still amazing gifts targeting at “I need nothing” people. Enjoy!

  • Lessons. People might HAVE everything but they cannot BE ABLE TO do everything. For example, playing sports or musical instruments, learning languages or surfing. That is why the idea to give a certificate for lessons is really worthy;
  • Tickets. Emotions are always the best present so tickets to the cinema, concert, theater or just a great event will be a good option. You don’t need to be specific, let people enjoy the free performance and have a nice time;
  • Ancestry DNA. In recent years there has grown much interest to our ancestors which pushed us to visit libraries, archives, and different centers in order to find and get to know to your roots. Have you ever stared at a person and wondered where they are from? This question is in trend now so the present will have a supper effect;
  • Membership. Just like lessons, membership to a prestigious sports club, store or museum is a good gift. Just drop a few questions to find out if your friend is a member of some particular club already and go ahead;
  • Luxurious things. There are some things that are completely useless but at the same time look luxurious and make you feel rich. The can be a part of the interior or clothing and this is a really good present for someone who has everything;
  • Books. Not obvious and not old-fashioned – calm down 🙂 Every book store can recommend you something that everyone should read, so why not to share this experience and emotions?
  • Funny practical gifts. For example, unicorn sleepers or cups with funny faces. These things are non-ordinary, useful and make you smile and boast with your present;
  • DIY gifts. The best way to show you care about the person is to give something hand-made. This doesn’t look cheap, only shows your original approach and care;
  • Gift cards. Last, but not the least, gift cards are the best way to give if you are not sure about someone’s preferences. It may seem an easy way out but in fact, helps you avoid re-giving your gifts and choose really something you like.

Don’t be afraid to make your choice: just do it thoughtfully, show your interest in making them happy and share this special day with people you love!

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