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Boost Your Self-Motivation in 2018!

Boost Your Self-Motivation in 2018! photo

7 Best Apps for Student Goal Setting

Looking for ways of motivating yourself to plan and implement a goal? Many students nowadays are trying to set and achieve their goals in order to have a promising and successful future, and also to be happy. But it’s not always easy to stay self-confident, to clearly understand what you want from life and what will help you realize your dreams. Today, we provide you with several new and effective applications that will help you increase your self-motivation and achieve all goals.

Try These 7 Apps to Increase Self-Motivation

To keep on track, you should constantly look for inspiration and practice your potential skills. These are several valuable apps for student goal setting:

1. GoalsOnTrack

The first and very efficient application for an average student is GoalsOnTrack. It’s a handy and user-friendly application helping anyone set and reach goals in life. Achieve your SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) objectives by tracking your progress or taking notes. You can download this application for free or get access to it on the website.

2. Toodledo

Another great app for self-motivation is Toodledo (a unique name, isn’t it?). When you open this application, you quickly find it easy to achieve your objectives by creating to-do lists, sharing them with friends and using a pile of other functions. You also can make a list of your most significant and life-changing goals and set deadlines.


This list would not be complete without this worthwhile app called Here, you will discover a convenient design and plenty of features and bonuses for your use. is available for free, but you can upgrade this application to a paid one to receive as many coaching and productivity options as possible.

4. Stickk

Stickk is another nice application that helps set important goals and stick to the plan. However, it is designed especially for educators and parents. If you register a Stickk account, you are able to track your child’s learning progress, and if you’re a teacher, you can watch and then discuss the progress of all your class with colleagues.

5. Lifetick

Lifetick is a more difficult app than the previous ones because of its design and a variety of tools. Apart from creating goals and tracking your progress, you may also try some charts and visualization instruments to get the most of the app.

6. Habit List

This particular application is designed for breaking old habits and developing new beneficial ones. Habit List will help you set the desired habits and monitor your progress for a certain period of time (a week, a month or more), and create repeating tasks. Furthermore, it can be useful for all types of activity, not only for studying goals.

7. Balanced

With this interesting app, you can plan and achieve almost anything to improve your skills or lifestyle. It will remind you of certain activities that you’d like to do, for example, going to the gym, practicing yoga or meditation, reading more books, and other things.

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