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You can Easily Combine your Studying and Interesting Job

You can Easily Combine your Studying and Interesting Job photo

Interesting ways to make money while being in school

You can work while studying at school to make money for a tuition. Still you need to be careful as working too much can badly influence your grades. You have to find a golden mean.
The best variant is to find a part-time job, which will bring you both money and enjoyment. Although it`s rather difficult to find such job, you can do this if you really want. We offer you to look through the nine creative ways to earn extra cash.

Take part in surveys

This doesn`t demand much of your time and you can easily do this kind of work. Companies will pay you for your opinions on different products and advertisements. Sign up to Angus Reid Forum or Ipso I-Say and start working right away!

Be a campus rep

Lots of companies want to get in touch with students, why not to become a person to help them with this quickly? Your duties will be easy, you`ll have to connect with campus clubs, get in touch with students, communicate with them and held giveaways.

Taking notes

If you are good at taking notes, then you can use it for making money. Some companies can hire you to make notes for disabled students, or you can sell your own notes to others on websites like Oxbridge Notes or One Class.


Do you type quickly? Do you like this kind of work? Then you can make money from it. Lots of professors look for people who can type their research investigations. Moreover, this job is well-paid. Why not to try?

Putting up posters

Putting up posters with various information is a great way to make money and be in touch with all the events taking place in your city or town. You will be paid for plastering this information around the city. It`s interesting and easy, isn`t it?

Sell vintage goods

We know that lots of people adore vintage items, like clothes and accessories. But not everyone wants to look for this in second-hand shops, so you can sell these items online. Of course, if you know where to get these things. You can use sites like Etsy and eBay, where you can find lots of people wishing to buy vintage clothes.

Testing video games

If you adore video games, then we have great news for you! You can test new video games whether they are interesting and have no bugs. After this you will have to fill in lots of blanks, still this work is an enjoyable one. If you want to try, then search for game studios in your city.

Take photos

Do you like taking pictures? If you do, then you can take pics of your friends or photos which can news organizations be interested in and load them to stock photo sites. You will earn money from them even after graduation.

Be a temp

Do you want to get money and not work every day? Then you can sign up with some companies to fill in for people when they are sick. You can search for such kind of job in your city.
Be creative and think big, you can find a well-paid job without wasting all your free time. Good luck!

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