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You can Get more Energy with the Help of Following Natural Tips

You can Get more Energy with the Help of Following Natural Tips photo

5 ways to increase your energy without caffeine

Sometimes, we can`t imagine a college student without a cup of coffee. We all drink coffee everywhere, on the way to college, in the library, at campus completing the homework. But we have to realize the real influence of coffee on our body. Instead of maintaining caffeine addiction, you can increase your energy power in some other ways. Let`s check the list of things you can do!

More water

It`s better to change your coffee into a glass of water. Your body will be hydrated and in addition you will feel the flow of energy as an oxygen will delivered to your organism.
Our body is approximately 70% water, so when you are dehydrated, you may be exhausted. You should listen to your body and drink as much water as you need.
Wellness expert Peggy Hall recommends to add slices of fruit to water you drink, “When you put fruit into water, all the vitamins and minerals are absorbed, so when you drink this water you hydrate yourself better. This makes your brain work quickly and effectively.” Keep water next to you the whole day, your body, brain and wallet will be grateful to you.

Straighten up!

You might be surprised but the way you sit also influences you being energized. Perfect posture should become your main aim. If you sit hunched over the desk, your lungs are collapsed and you can`t breathe. So you need to sit straight.
The light should be also taken into account. Compact fluorescent light (CFL) causes your midday yawns, so change them into an LED to feel better.

Have a smart snack

Feeling hunger, most of us just turn to caffeine. That`s not good, as granola bars won`t give you a needed source of energy. You should combine carbohydrates with protein and this will ensure energy to stay in your body during some hours after eating.
Alaina Leary, a graduate student at Emerson College says that she makes peanut energy bites which she refrigerates. She puts honey, chocolate chips, flax seeds. When she feels tired, this helps to get more energized.
Some students share that breakfast is the main meal for them which boost them with energy for the whole day.
You can also make smoothies of fruit and vegetables, this will make you feel great during the day.

Take a nap

Being a student and sleep good all night is a miracle. Very often in the afternoon we feel that need some sleep. In this case, you`d better take a quick nap.
It`s suggested to sleep approximately 45 minutes, your brain will get some rest and will be ready to work. If you sleep more, then you will feel tired as you will wake up at some stage of your dream.
Some people are lucky enough to work in companies where quick midday naps are allowed. So don`t miss the chance!

Move your body

It may seem strange but you can be tired because your blood wasn`t flowing in hours. Getting a 15-minute walk will get you up, you will feel refreshed and get more desire and energy to do your business. If you get outside, feel the sunshine and fresh air, you will surely get a needed portion of energy and happiness.
Next time you think of coffee try some of above advice. They will surely help you!

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