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You can Live at Full in January even if You are a Student. Read to Get Know How

You can Live at Full in January even if You are a Student. Read to Get Know How photo

How to survive January on a student budget

After Christmas, and joyfulness you`ve had during the holidays, it`s really frightening to check your bank account, especially when you are a student. But don`t worry, if your pocket felt stress this month, we have some useful tips how to stay financial stable during January. So, let`s check what you can do!

Shop without paying money

If you are addicted to buying clothes, video games, books, accessories – it`s time to stop doing this. Instead you should check all the staff you have, and take of the shelves things you have forgotten about. You will be like shopping but at the same time you will have your budget saved. In addition, if you have things you don`t need any more, then you can sell them or give for charity.

Cancel subscriptions

Check the subscriptions which you pay for every month. If you don`t use them or don`t need, then cancel them and use that money for your personal purpose. For instance, if you pay gym fee but don`t go there, so why do you need this membership?

Smart shopping

You can cut down on shopping, as you should buy only those products you really need. It`s better to go shopping in the evening when the prices are reduced and never go to the shop while hungry! Look for some special offers and discount. For example, in UK you can get a variety of discounts for students. Your shopping should be smart.

Find a job

If you still don`t have a job, it`s high time to find the part-time one. It`s a good way to get money and add some experience to your CV. Although your work shouldn’t influence badly your studying and student life. You can perfectly combine everything, if only you have a desire to.

Track your expenses

You are to check your bank account regularly, in addition, you can download the app to keep in touch with the expenses. This will also help you identify the habitual money spending, so you can find a solution to some situations. For example, you can take your own coffee to lectures instead of buying takeout all the time. And many other similar things, you will be surprised how they really matter.

Stay socialized

If you have some hard times with your budget, it doesn`t mean you have to be recluse. Probably your friends have the same problems. You can still meet each other and organize various free activities, for instance movie or game night. You can take advantage of university social life and spend interesting time for free. If you really want, you can even find lots of things to do in the city. For instance, in London you can have fun for 10 pounds only!

Even if your bank account isn`t like that you like, you shouldn`t give up. There are lots of ways to spend January with fun. Hope these tips will help you!

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