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Captain Marvel as a Symbol of Female Power

Captain Marvel as a Symbol of Female Power photo

Those, who have a passion for comics and sci-fi movies, have definitely seen and consequently know such a superhero as Captain Marvel. For the last couple of months, Marvel has been a pop cultural phenomenon that is discussed by millions of people all across the globe. They all talk about women’s rights, position in society, etc. and captain Marvel helps a lot in this aspect. So, let’s dive deeper into this topic and decide whether Marvel is about female power or empowerment.

First Female Superhero in 2019

However strange it might sound living in the 21 century but it seems a little bit weird to have the first female-led superhero just now. With all the rights women have today, Marvel could have released such a hero a long time ago. Despite this, it finally happened and now we all have an opportunity to talk about women in power, in tech and other spheres of life. Additionally to that, many young girls are especially inspired by the character saying that now they understand that a woman can do literally everything she wants in this life since she is equal with man.

Comics and Movie Worth Giving a Go

It is no wonder that very few people believed in the success of this project. It was a big risk to have female-led in a movie but during the opening weekend, it gathered over 450 million dollars globally and believe us, it is worth every penny. Having watched this film, one comes to the conclusion that there are so many things to appreciate about it. It clearly demonstrates compassion, humanity and so many aspects that are important in today’s life. The female characters demonstrate their power, exactly like women should do now.
But of course, like any other sci-fi movie, this one leaves viewers with many questions.

Questions to Be Answered

Millions of people have discussed or are still discussing many questions regarding Captain Marvel. For instance, what’s the source of Carol’s power? What are its circumstances? How about obvious holes in a plot? Of course, there are many more other questions that remain to be unanswered but what is clear is that Captain Marvel remains to be a huge success not only among women but also men.

In fact, this movie is not a masterpiece and it doesn’t have to be, as the main goal was to demonstrate women’s power (the one that men have for the last decades). Moreover, four women worked on creating this and other female characters showing their relationships, friendships, and mentorships and we should say, they did a great job! Finally, Carol is not sexualized in any way starting from the way she talks and finishing with her suit.

To cut a long story short, the character Carol was created to send an empowering message to all girls and women on the planet Earth!

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