Check Useful Tips on how to Take Rejection in Your Favor

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Getting ready to rejection

It is common for writers to hear the phrase, “No, thanks.” It may about submitting your story for a contest, or a magazine. You know those feelings when the results are published and you cannot find your name on the list, or when you get the letter from an agent being sorry that you cannot be published this time.
Publishing can`t do without rejections. You should stop being afraid to hear ‘No’. It is a good way to plan to get this answer like you hoped to get it. In this case, a negative answer will not destroy us.

A 3-steps plan to deal with rejections

A lot of writers give up because of a fear and disappointment. In almost all cases they are afraid of rejections.
They are scared not to be good enough. They are afraid not to be published. They are scared if they publish a book themselves, then no one will read it. Or if people read it, they won`t like a book.
You should know that most of those things are going to happen. You can`t be good enough from the first trial. Moreover, you can`t always win the contents, you can`t always find a publisher at once. Not all people can like your book.
If you still hesitate, then choose your favorite book and check its negative reviews. Everyone faces the situations described above.
So, you are to stop being afraid of it, you should start to plan the rejection. Check out the following three steps, which will definitely help you.

Remember the reason you are writing

The first thing you should do is to consider the reason you are writing. If you are writing to win only, then you will be disappointed.
Even full-time writers get rejections. If you are a newcomer, and you haven`t won the contest or workshop from the first try, then it`s not a great trouble. Don`t waste time thinking about it, don`t try to defend yourself. Don`t waste your time to figure out the reasons not to win.
Most of us just want to hear that our piece is worth attention. Of course, it is worth, as you have spent much time, energy to analyze and revise it. You are already a winner, as you devote yourself to this kind of work. You share your ideas with other, your own experience that will surely assist others. Your writing is important to in the first place, don`t forget it, and a rejection then won`t seem so painful.

Make your work always satisfying

Your main goal should always be to create a satisfying work. This means you can write in different genres, the main thing is that it brings you pleasure and allows to share the ideas with others.
Don`t stick to one genre, as this doesn`t allow you to create something you really want, as you should always keep in mind the requirements. Feel free to cross genre boundaries.
When you get a rejection, remember, that not all people have the same tastes, not all can love the same things. Moreover, it`s all about your experience and growth.

Keep perseverance

Perseverance is crucial for writers. You should keep moving despite the rejections you get. You can gather those rejections and use them as fuel that makes you develop yourself and become better.
Write stories, share ideas, help others. Celebrate every step you take towards making your dreams come true. Stay strong and you won`t wait for the results long.
Rejections shouldn`t stop you. Writing needs practice and perseverance, then you will become a good writer, with no doubt.

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