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Clubs You Can Continue with Being a College Student

Clubs You Can Continue with Being a College Student photo

6 High School Clubs to Join in College

When high school is about to be finished, you may think that you will deadly miss all things: from friends to different clubs you attend there. It is not actually true. College is exactly that place where you can fit into your clubs and your high school activity; you will find many friends there as well. Clubs you attended at high school may also appear at your college. So, here are 6 clubs you can continue with in college.

  • Yearbook
    You may probably have a thought that college is too large to have a yearbook which includes every single student. Usually, the yearbook includes only seniors and have just pictures of various clubs, events and things that happened during the year. Often times, yearbooks don’t feature students all. However, from the students` feedbacks it is clearly understood that being involved in college yearbook after high school is a great experience. It is also a great way to make some new friends.
  • Student government
    You have already heard about it being in high school but student government in college is bigger than ever. It is actually somehow different thing. In universities student governments are influential institutions and they have many rights to change the university life as whole. Besides it, students involved there have many deeds and responsibilities to fulfill.
  • Sports teams
    Doing sport is always in trend. If you were interested in any kind of sport in your high school, be sure to continue it in your college as well. There is no need to worry about this issue as well. Practically all universities give their students to be involved in doing almost all kinds of sports.
  • Model UN
    Almost all students both in high schools and universities have already heard about it as Model UN is very well known throughout the USA. This program allows students to became delegates to the United Nations and UN situations. As a member, you have to represent a country and serve in its committees. It is a golden opportunity for those who are interested in in global diplomacy and politics, and great experience by the way.
  • Science Olympiad
    You might have experienced this science competition in your high school as it is well-known over the country. Of course, you will not have an opportunity to compete for gold but still you will help high school students to organize their Science Olympiad competitions. Being a member of this club, you will help others to make great memories for high school students.
  • Volunteer clubs
    It is possible that the majority of high school students have experienced helping somebody on the volunteering terms. It is actually that thing you can continue with in your college. College is bigger so the opportunities of volunteering are bigger as well. You can choose from homelessness, world hunger, healthcare and others… The possibilities here are endless. It is a great impact to the community and a great deed to be busy with.

If you are not interested in any of the clubs presented above, don’t worry! Colleges provide students with a great number of opportunities and hundreds of clubs you can easily join. You can continue with something you have started at school or start something completely new. This is what college is about! You are able to try something new, being involved in new experiments and activities. Just think what is waiting for you there besides these 6 college clubs.

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