Crafting Effective Emails that Reach Their Goals

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How to Write Emails Your Employees Will Actually Read

Emailing is still the main channel of business communication for companies. The number of emails that an average employee receives every day amounts from several hundred to several thousand. For sure, to arrange an effective execution of job responsibilities, an employee cannot devote all the time for correspondence and simply applies filters to sort the letters by priority and importance. Such modern realities become a necessity that reduces chances for your email to be read by the addressee. Have you already faced the situation when your important emails are simply skipped by the employees or left unnoticed in the immense scope of incoming messages? Learn some significant rules that will help to cope with the situation.

Do not Make Your Letter Faceless

There are little chances that your letter will be read if you write from some group and add some group as an addressee. When a person sees that the letter is sent to several recipients, he or she simply ignores it or just does not consider that the response is needed. Address to a particular person, even if you send several similar letters to a group of employees. When a person sees his or her name, there appears the feeling of responsibility and commitment. The same rule is relevant regarding the sender. No one will skip the letter from a boss or any other person occupying the administrative position. Make it clear to the employee that the letter is important and avoid misleading generalization.

Make the Letter Mobile Responsive

According to statistics, employees open 77% of their emails via mobile devices. It is a great time-management solution to sort out your mailbox when you are on the way to work or waiting for a business meeting. But not all emails can be read using mobile devices. Sometimes letter’s content and large size make it impossible to open on a mobile device. If you really need your letter to be read do not overload it with an unreadable scope.

Consider Your Wording

The size of your letter refers to one of the most important factors that determine whether your letter will be read by the employee. Do not expect them to be ready to scroll your endless message and attentively percept all the information. When seeing letter of such size employee often treats it as a regular informational notification or any other unimportant message. Thus, to make an effective letter that will be read by the employee, be concise and brief.

Provide Clear Specifications

Besides special attention to size, you should pay attention to the logical structure of your letter. Thus, after reading your email, an employee should have a clear picture of what should be done, and within what timeframes. Do not bother people with unnecessary information that can be important for you as a boss, but is useless for a person occupying other position. Provide justified reasons, clear tasks and comfortable timeframes. If necessary, specify all required references or links that can be helpful for the employee.

Be on the Top of the Box with Your Letter

Another trick that helps you make your letter to be read is to be on the top of the mailbox. It seems that this is not so easy to be achieved, but in fact, it is not so complicated. An employee usually reviews his or her incomings messages in the morning. Therefore, you need to be the first who sends an important email in the morning. Sometimes people fail with this, as they do not consider the time zone of their addressee. If you send a letter in the morning, but in the country where the person works it’s night, your message will be lost in the hundreds of other notifications that will come to the mailbox. Thus, sometimes you even need to sacrifice your personal time and send an important email in the non-working hours.

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