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Creative Writing – Unique Form of Literature

Creative Writing – Unique Form of Literature photo

Creative writing does not fit in the general world of literature. It is a phenomenon due to its form. Well, because it does not have one. In this collocation, the key word is “creative”. It leaves space for the flight of a thought that can get as high as you wish. There are no boundaries framing the ideas. The only rules that creative writing does obey are the main literature principles of writing. They are designed to make any piece of writing successful no matter what is the style and structure. This page aims to cover them to help you attractively put ideas and thoughts on paper.

Creative writing – as a form of self expression

This special form of writing has an objective of developing imagination and originality in a writer. It helps find a unique style of narration giving an opportunity to express oneself and probably discover a new trend in literature. It is absolutely suitable as a new and amusing activity in class and as a way to develop young writer’s skills and talent in thesis writing.

Main Literature Principle Helping Out

  • First of all, decide who your target audience is. Domains of interest vary from a science fiction fan to a Jane Austen admirer. That is why put on the reader’s shoes to think what he is expecting from a story. Think of the elements that you can borrow from other literature forms and styles to accomplish your goal.
  • Secondly, think carefully about the plot. Decide what the story is going to be about. To make the storyline understandable plan all characters ahead: their personality, character features, past and future, connection to other heroes. As long as you have created a couple of characters, it is possible to come up with interesting plot twists. Thus, you may add other heroes to the story to make it more interesting and accomplish the planned finely. Even though you are not going to mention all details such as place and time in the story, the main idea and main massage the author is sending, still have to be clear in the end. Try to make the reader imagine the character and evoke strong feeling either compassion and admiration or disgust (sometimes they are all blended in). No matter villain or a positive character, it should not leave the reader indifferent.
  • Thirdly, try to come up with creative forms of narration or unusual stories to tell about. Write as much as possible. In this way, there will be a lot of material that you can choose from. It is also helpful to read different genres both in prose and poetry to pick useful elements. Store this knowledge precisely and one day the combination of already existing methods will revile something unique to you.
  • Get a pocket notebook. It is impossible to predict where the inspiration will strike the head. This small notebook that you can carry around all the time is helpful to write down all ideas that pop into the head on a bus or during a conversation. Besides, it is a good idea to write down observations and thoughts about events that happen during the day. Rereading them can nudge to the idea for a plot. Plus, it is comfortable to write down somebody’s words, if you think the character could not say other ones but these.
  • Think of the time managing. Accumulating materials for the narration is great but there has to be some time for actually writing the story. Maybe setting a goal of writing specific amount of hours per week can help get closer to accomplishing the work. Do not get discouraged if you lack inspiration. It will come while working. Moreover, you can use spear time when being stuck waiting for something. There is a notebook in a pocket! Turn the boring waiting into an opportunity to work on the story.
    If you apply for a writing contest do not forget to check the deadlines and schedule the work. Stick to the editing demands: front and its size, number of words, etc.
  • Do not hesitate to give the finished story to read to a school teacher or professor in college, or a close friend that you trust. They are the audience for a pilot version. They can give professional critic or just a simple feedback that will improve the story. Remarks about the key moments that they liked the most will help find your style and the path you should move towards.

All in all be creative as much as you can. Do not be afraid to experiment and take risks. As Albert Einstein once said:“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for”.

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