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Developer Resume. Useful Tips to Show Suitability

Developer Resume. Useful Tips to Show Suitability photo

How to write a great developer résumé and showcase your software engineering skills

Dear Community,

this post is aimed at sharing useful points on how to write a developer resume effectively.

Frequently, people think that resume writing is an easy process. But, actually, this opinion isn’t in line with reality. This task requires the ability to include relevant information. There are various job positions with particular directions of activity. On this basis, different approaches are used to evaluate an individual’s professional aptitude.

Elements Of the Resume

  1. Divide the document into sections and write clearly corresponding information (for instance, Work Experience, Professional Skills, Education, etc).
  2. Comprise keywords to describe defined aspects. This is reasonable when telling about a programming language (C++, Delphi, Assembler are the keywords).
  3. Show your presence in the relevant social media. As you have the intention to occupy the position of a developer, provide a link to GitHub account. Besides, if you create posts regarding software engineering, for example, on Facebook, include a link to a blog.
  4. Explain your suitability to the position. There are two options, used to provide the arguments. You can tell about strong features in a cover letter. Alternatively, writing of a brief summary on the top of the resume is practiced.
  5. If you have experience in projects, don’t list all of them. Select and include the ones, you know in detail. By such way, you will be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of defined areas.

Points That May Lead To Failure

As a practice shows, writing of the excessive information in the resume is a widespread mistake. Include only those points that are meaningful to a job position.

  1. Don’t describe work experience in spheres that aren’t related to the vacancy. As you want to develop software, mention only the tech positions. Besides, if you were involved in content writing related to software development, it will be relevant to recall this moment.
  2. It isn’t necessary to draw attention to your awareness of Microsoft Office, Excel, and similar programs.
  3. It is essential not to include skills that you don’t possess. Most likely, the attempt to mislead an employer will lead to negative consequences.

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