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How to Get through the First Week: Student’s Guide

How to Get through the First Week: Student’s Guide photo

Top Tips that Will Help You Handle the Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s week is full of troubles and new experiences. Students are just about to discover their status and position on campus. They can try their luck with the local customs or subdue to the traditions without thinking. These tips, on the other hand, will help the newbies keep their wits about them and remain calm in any life storm. Follow the guide to learn more about the moments that make the first week excellent.

  • Staying safe. Even if you are a fan of massive parties that last for days, you need to steer clear of any suspicious invitations. Keep an eye on the valuables every time you go out and catch a taxi if needed. It is also recommended to walk home in groups. Remaining alert may seem like a simple tip that is easy to stick to, but it can work wonders. The student union can give you discount codes for local entertainment centers where it is possible to spend time with peers and make acquaintances.
  • Following a budget. We often mistake the naivety of students for their desire to spend more. However, we do not wish to younger ones to be living off rice and noodles by the end of the month. To avoid this and live a life of luxury (to a measurable extent), one should draw a chart to track the spending. Also, it is good to have the money out on Monday, so you are not tempted to pay for the goods with the credit card. Download an app that will allow you to take charge of the finances. The first week can be really overwhelming, so it is important to have a back-up in case of need.
  • Showing a friendly gesture. If you have no idea how to make friends in the first place, you can always delight the flatmates with the homemade delicacies. These will surely win a path to their hearts and act as conversation openers. Most students, residing on campus, are not too picky about the desserts offered. You can always knock on doors and get straight to the point. After all, the college makes us reevaluate the priorities and seek company on a daily basis.
  • Making your room cozy. Those who are fortunate to have accommodation still need something to remind them of home. We are talking about posters, photos, or other personal belongings that make the room less dull. If you do not wish to live in characterless surroundings, you certainly need to act accordingly. Adorn the walls with the items that are dear to your heart. An empty room does nothing to your senses. A decoration that reminds you of home, on the other hand, will make your spirits high.
  • Creating a schedule. The first week is constantly bombarding students with all kinds of assignments. Starting with academic challenges to filling your journal, you are expected to be in sync with the college timetable. If there are organizational issues that need to be overcome, the first week is a perfect time. Set a schedule that will suit you best and try to stick to it no matter the hour. The fatigue is real, but students are known for getting used to all kinds of tasks.
  • Preparing for the year. Make sure you have read everything there is to know about the college of your dream. The rules and regulations, sent by an admission committee, will be your guidance once you arrive. It is necessary to read the emails that have been delivered by the student union. This way, you will know what to expect as soon as the semester starts. Learners also need to be prepared for the meeting with the counselor. Be it a healthcare lecture or the usual meet-and-greet, you are required to show up on time to make a good impression.
  • Being ambitious. Fresher’s week is a perfect time to be adventurous. There are learners who wish to reveal their potential to the full and throw parties on day one. Even if you are not inclined to follow their example, there are still plenty of activities to choose from. Do not be afraid to meet people as you go to see the great outdoors. They are just as thrilled about your arrival.

College life is full of goals that need to be accomplished, so make sure you haven’t missed out on entertainment. Explore the surroundings and venture out to discover new horizons. You can sign up to any type of extracurricular activity to keep you busy. This will help adapt and bring impressions to the table. In addition, you can move around campus for the latest gossip and see if you can start a conversation.

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