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Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Good Job With A Well-Tailored Resume

Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Good Job With A Well-Tailored Resume photo

How to delight a recruiter with your resume

It goes without saying that writing a perfect resume is a messy process. But no one creates a really good one on their first try. To develop resume writing skills is extremely important because without the ability to craft a professional resume your career might reach a dead end. We recommend you to follow these useful tips if you want to have a resume that is substantial enough to hold itself as respectful.

  • Clearly state your career focus

A well-written career objective will convince the employer to keep reading your resume. Explain your job aspirations in a clear way and tell how exactly you are going to fulfill the needs of the company. Make this objective engaging, pointed, and meaningful. Be honest about your ambitions.

  • Forget about adjectives

Nobody wants to hear how creative, innovative, and strategic you are. It is better to tell the facts that really make the point instead. They should prove that you are an incredible potential hire. Do not show off. Do not tell that you are the best in the world at everything. For example, if you are applying for the position of an executive assistant, you may write that you coordinated international travels, organized large-scale meetings, maintained an internal client filling system, and managed third-party vendors at your previous job.

  • Write out your skills

Make the list of the most crucial skills that will make your potential employer want to hire you. Describe this skill set in an understandable way so that the employer could get the picture of your knowledge, abilities, and experience necessary to perform this particular job. You can also provide a specific example of a job where you used those skills on a regular basis.

  • Make your resume appealing

It is unlikely that your potential recruiter will want to read your resume if it doesn`t come off visually appealing. So, the design and layout is definitely what you should pay attention to as well in order to make your resume stand out from other people`s documents. You can utilize color and shading to highlight some areas of importance or consistently use bold type face for your accomplishments and companies that you mention.

  • Narrow down your content

There is one golden rule – less is often more. The content of your resume should align with your desired position. Write only about those things that make you a good fit for this workplace. Do not include any information that will distract the recruiter from seeing your true qualifications. Just give him or her enough to want to connect with you.

  • Do not underestimate the importance of a spell check

The most important tool you have on a resume is language. So do not let some unintentional mistakes ruin your professional reputation. Proofread your resume for typos and grammatical mistakes. Make sure that your spelling, sentence structure, and usage are correct throughout your resume. Check whether you are using the appropriate language and tone for the job.

We wish you the very best of luck in your job search!

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