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How to Keep Your Personal Blog Alive?

How to Keep Your Personal Blog Alive? photo

How to Keep Your Personal Blog Alive?

How to blog correctly and keep it alive? We all want our blogs to be bubbling with life, but most of us have no idea how to do that. Only the correct blogs are profitable, and only those blogs are interesting to the visitors and to the blogger.

How insulting is to write and to get no appreciation at all. You put your heart and soul into your post, and it does not collect more than two likes. What a drag!

Let’s try to think what should be the rules for blogging, you need to make your blog come to life?

We are not going to share technical gadgets and rules of blogging, garbing all in a single column. We know for sure that if you start to follow all these rules, your blog will go up.

So, here are 9 rules for the beginners.

1. Permanently new content.

Blog needs a qualitative content. You need to write more and better. Articles should be not less than 3000 symbols. Write interesting posts, Google loves them.

2. Nice design.

Not only nice, but also unique. Sometimes the design of the blog is so ugly that a visitor can’t stand looking at it and leaves despite the interesting content.

3. Minimum Advertising.

As long as your blog is not popular, remove the advertisement until you will have 400-500 people a day. Those half-two dollars a week you will get will not save you, but the blog will get an additional point hate, and lose and an outgoing external link. Till your blog is still weak, all of these links will drown it.

4. Primarily, blog is a diary. Talk about yourself.

A personal blog is like a diary! Talk about your personal experience and describe your emotions. Choose interesting topics for debate and express your views in the posts.

5. Learned something new – write a post.

You have read a good book – write a post about it. Learned something new – write a post. This is the best way to liven up your blog.

6. Be fast.

Provide an optimization and acceleration of your blog. Do it as fast as possible. Yes. Now the Internet has enough speed to display a colorful design with graphics, but still try to speed up the work of your blog.

7. Working with comments.

Today the search engines focus on the behavior of your blog visitors, and if they also take part in the life of your project, write comments, discuss something – that’s great. Be sure to respond to the comments, people need to feel the communication! Also, give yourself an hour a day to comment the other blogs.

8. Creating a personal brand.

How can you keep your blog without showing yourself to people? This is not acceptable for a blogger. We are all accustomed to hiding behind our computer monitors.

Drive in all. Upload your photo on the front page of your blog. A personal blog means that you should show yourself to those who read it.

9. Blog should be unique.

Be unique, and the visitors and search engines will love you. We have already mentioned unique design and articles. As for the illustration, forget about Google-Pictures! You should eliminate the use of other people’s content, including images. Learn basic Photoshop and create!

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