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All You Should Know About Black Tea

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Black Tea with Its Rich Past

“A room without tea is like a body without soul”. All people and all cultures around the world would agree with these words. From Chinese ceremonies to British tea-time – a number of tea lovers is really significant. Black tea has been always well-known for an impressive history and the list of health benefits.

If to compare either black tea nor green come from the same plants: Camellia sinensis assamica and Camellia sinensis sinensis respectively. However, the further procedure differs greatly, that’s why we have two various drinks, which are different in color and flavor as well.

Black tea first appeared firstly in 1730s in China. Green tea leaves started to oxidize and that led to the creation of black tea, which considered to be one of the best drink worldwide now.

The export of black tea was higher than if comparing with green. That’s the reason why British people are so found of black tea, while people from East choose the favor of green.

Western countries had always a great desire for tea. It led to the fact that businessmen took tea plants and seeds from China and started producing it in different countries. India was the country with the biggest number of tea plantations around the world.

Different Kinds of Black Tea

There are many different black tea variants you may taste. Black tea can be served hot, cold, sweetened or not. It all depends on your preferences and the country you are visiting. People can also add different mixtures while drinking tea: lemon, honey etc.

It goes without saying that different sorts of black tea also have different flavors and they differ due to the region or country.  In South America, for example, people usually drink sweetened iced tea, while British people are fond of having hot tea in the mid-afternoon. If to speak about Turkey, the black tea is usually served in small glasses with sugar cubes and it is always hot.

Different kinds of black tea are named for the region where they were planted.

What are the Differences Between Black Tea and Green Tea

These are two the most popular kinds of tea and people always wonder what makes them different. The color is not their the most distinctive feature. As it was already said, green tea is made oxidized tea leaves, and the black tea is fully oxidized. As usual, green tea has a light flavor but we cannot say the same about black tea. It is usually described as tea with robust and strong taste.

This flavor can also depend on the way leaves are prepared. Loose-leaf kinds of tea are frequently better than those bagged ones, as they tend to produce better taste. Another good option here is Matcha – tea which is made from powdered leaves. Often it is made from green leaves, but you also can get it done with black leaves.

If speaking about the caffeine, the numbers differ greatly depending on different sorts. The fact that can be stated without doubts that the black tea will keep you awake and active longer.

Health Benefits from Drinking Black Tea

  1. Black tea is usually described as the source of antioxidants, including polyphenols, catechins, thearubigins, and theaflavins. Drinking black tea can actually reduce the risks of having certain types of cancer and it also reduces signs of aging.
  2. Black tea will surely keep you awake. As it contains caffeine and theophylline, you will not feel tired after drinking it. Actually, black tea has its mild stimulant effect. It is also said consuming black tea will help to reduce the risks of having Osteopoerosis and Type II diabetes.
  3. Black tea benefits also to the teeth. Drinking black tea can also improve your dental health as it kills different kinds of bacteria that causes cavities.
  4. By drinking black tea, you will support your cardiovascular health. Having a cup of black tea can help you to get rid of headaches, high blood pressure and lower cholesterol. It is also said that regular consumption of this drink will prevent atherosclerosis.
  5. It contributes greatly to the digestive health as well. Black tea is useful while having diarrhea and various digestive conditions.

How to Brew a Delicious Cup of Tea

You know now everything about black tea: from its history to the health benefits caused by it. Of course, you want to have a cup of tea right now. Here are some useful tips on how to brew a delicious cup of black tea:

  1. One of the most important ingredients of tea is water, so make sure that its quality is really good as it will surely influence the final product.
  2. The best tea to choose is one with loose leaves, as it produces better taste.
  3. Don’t forget about timing. Lots of people just overheat the water when preparing their tea. It will be enough to heat it is almost boiling. Then you just need to add a teaspoon or two of leaves or the tea bag to water and let it steep for 1-2 minutes only. As if you leave it for some longer time, the taste can be bitter.
  4. After it you can fully enjoy your drink. Some people like to add some sugar, honey or lemon but it all depends on a person. Black tea tastes really good with different additives.

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