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Learn More about the Series that Stunned the Viewers

Learn More about the Series that Stunned the Viewers photo

The Apocalypse Show that Is Worth It. Zombies on Netflix

If you are looking for a show that will get you through the week, we think that we have found something that might be of interest. Black Summer has every chance of becoming a phenomenon that hits all the right buttons. In fact, it may be referred to as the spin-off of the series Z Nation. The showrunner says that the first episodes will wow you in a matter of seconds.

The story is told from the perspective of the main characters. They are caught in the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, so the viewers have to endure the panic together with the heroes. This is not a show where the suspense has been mounting from episode to episode. On the contrary, the outbreak of the zombie epidemic forces the people to act here and now.

The director told the audience that he has been inspired by the classic movies about the end of the world, caused by a fast-spreading infection. The Walking Dead can make your run blood cold, but you will certainly understand the definition of horror as soon as you start watching Black Summer. The creator also confessed that he wanted to show the viewers that the consequences of panic can be really disastrous.

He adds that the pilot will definitely blow you away, and these are not empty words. Unlike other series that show us the problem from different angles, the story in this one is focused on center characters. We do not get the plot twists that will allow us to analyze the problem. Instead, the viewers are watching the first weeks of the massive outbreak, which lead to confusion.

As people in the series discover that the world is probably at an end, they start running around and searching for solutions that might present themselves along the way. The director also wished to focus on the troubling issue of family separation. Mother is forced to stay apart from her daughter as the plot progresses. The woman joins the wandering gang of rebels that are trying to voice their protests against the current policy. They don’t know where they are going to end up, but the trip is surely worth it.

Although the fans have voiced their concerns right from the start, they are now convinced that the show is going to give other apocalyptic series a run for their money. Black Summer may not be the first one to explore the panic and confusion that follow the outbreak. However, it will definitely guarantee that unforgettable type of a classic horror twist that will make you jump in your chair. Also, there is no way you can miss the wonderful spin-off to the show, known as Z Nation. It is really worth watching. If you are an ardent fan of the jump scares and old school shows that hold the intrigue, this is what you have been searching for.

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