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Learn skills you will need for a successful future workforce

Learn skills you will need for a successful future workforce photo

What Skills Will You Need in the Future?

I am pretty sure if you are asked the most famous question of where you see yourself in ten years the answer will be in a career of your dreams making mega cash and living the life of your dreams. With the ever-changing systems and workforce, so many people are running everywhere just to secure their future or learn a skill they think will be required in the nearest future. Cooking skills, engineering skills, computing skills, well before you panic and run off the board, take a moment to relax because your present degree might already guarantee you a place in the workforce of the future. A report, released by the Atlantic, points out six drivers of change in the workforce for 2025. The evolution of smart systems, the mega data age, the rise of programs, social media, engaging audience and the global flattening of the world have been pointed out as the future drivers of the workforce. Some work skills were pointed out as going to be relevant in the near future some are going to be familiar to you.

Sense-making and computational thinking

The ability to decipher what the numbers mean will be very crucial for the future workforce. There is the abstract or data part which is the main equation. Knowing this part of the equation is not enough but your ability to apply its importance and use in various forms will definitely set you apart and make you ready for what is to come in the nearest future.

Social intelligence, virtual collaboration, and cross-cultural competency

We all know that every successful team requires a good manager. In the same way but in a wider sense every organization will need a specific set of skills and that will be the ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and communities and to understand their sensitivities and needs. This is really not as simple as it seems but it is achieved with time and effort. So having some training in this field will position you for what is to come as the world is fast evolving.

Novel and adaptive thinking

Usually, people think the ability to understand your audience and effective utilization of the media is of value only for the marketing unit. But I can tell you very soon it will become an integral part of the entire business or workforce, as understanding the importance of presentation internally and externally and to transfer the message of values, and capabilities to the stakeholders. Media itself is evolving at a fast pace so therefore a certain level of inventiveness will be required if you truly want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Design mindset

Being able to visualize your work and track its growth is one set of skills required by any organization. Because with this ability, you can set your priorities right and set the pace of workflow within your organization. I am pretty sure, by the early 2020’s, more concepts like this would have been developed and the ability to manage them correctly will set the pace for how well and fast an organization grows.

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