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How to make your press release worth journalists’ attention and time

How to make your press release worth journalists’ attention and time photo

A press release is an official statement that gives information to television news programs, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. It is not a place for colorful narrative. Your primary task is to support the significance of your news. It is crucial to make your press release stand out from the pack. These useful tips will make it look professionally written, accessible, and attractive to journalists and reporters who are looking for fresh interesting stories.

Write a stunning headline

The headline is considered to be the eye-catcher, so it is very important to make it memorable, clear, brief, and genuine. It is a good idea to write it at the very end of your writing process. A good headline should attract journalists’ attention and tell about a recent newsworthy event, the latest achievements, new services, and new products. Highlight the most essential keywords from your press release and try to frame a catchy statement from them. The first word and all proper nouns should be capitalized. Use the present tense, avoid articles, and exclude forms of the verb ‘to be’. Write your headline in bold.

Write the body paragraphs

Start your work with the date and exact location where your press release originates. Tell about what has happened. The first sentence should bring your audience further into the story. Strive for simplicity and compactness. Do not use very long paragraphs and sentences. Keep it short and to the point. Avoid overuse of jargon and fancy language. The first paragraph should generate the general interest. Provide as many concrete facts as you can. Tell about events, people, products, projects, services, plans, and goals.

Who, what, when, where, why, and how

Answer these questions to write an effective press release:

  • Who is this about?
  • When does this even happen?
  • Where does this event take place?
  • Why is this news?
  • How is this happening?

After everything is answered, supplement the basics by information about the items, people, products, and other facts related with the particular topic. The more newsworthy you make you work, the better chances of it being selected for reporting. Make your press release crisp, clean, and applicable to your audience. Your piece of writing won`t be chosen if it is full of typos, lacking content, and poor grammar. Make sure that it is composed in a competent style. It is a good idea to provide some extra information links in your assignment paper which support the press release. A good quote used to the point will give your press release a human element.

Master the format

Your press release should be a page long at most, so cut out any unnecessary information. Condense the most salient information into a more readable document. Write ‘For immediate release’ at the top of the page, on the left margin. Place the headline in the centre below. Start the first paragraph with a date or where the news is coming from. It should contain the most important information. The second paragraph should include facts and quotes. Add your contact information in case journalists want to find out more information. It usually includes the company`s official name, office address, mobile phone number, the name of contact person, email addresses, and website address. Do not make journalists search on their own for more interesting facts. Include information about your company underneath the body of your release. Provide journalists with a link to the online copy of your press release. Center three hash symbols underneath your release. It will mark its end.

Proofread your work carefully before sending it out. Let some other people read it as well. Make your press release grammatically flawless if you want a reporter to take you seriously.

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