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New Horror Movie ‘Us’: Reflection of Hidden Issues

New Horror Movie ‘Us’: Reflection of Hidden Issues photo

Jordan Peele’s Movie ‘Us’ Turns a Political Problem into a Horror

Jordan Peel had been known as a master of comedy. But, then, he brings a film in a new style to people. This was a pure horror that reflected interrelations between two races of Americans – black and white inhabitants. The film takes place in two time periods. The first is in year 1986. A young girl decides to visit Santa Cruz. Here, she meets apparition that is quite similar in appearance. After a long time, when she becomes an adult, her husband organizes a journey to this place for getting a vacation. This next arriving to Santa Cruz is accompanied by a strong feeling of fear. Adelaide Wilson (the girl) begins to remember the meeting with the apparition.

The Actual Issue of the Movie

Peele explained the idea of the film in such a way. He told that it is about misplaced fear of a major part of Americans. People constantly feared outsiders. And it wasn’t a matter who these strangers were. They might be represented by invaders who wanted to take a person’s job position or home. Also, they might act as an opposite fracture that voted in a different way. Americans always feared people around. And, this was a real problem. Peel’s speech:

“We’re in a time where we fear the other, whether it’s the mysterious invader that we think is going to come and kill us and take our jobs, or the faction we don’t live near, who voted a different way than us. We’re all about pointing the finger. And I wanted to suggest that maybe the monster we really need to look at has our face. Maybe the evil, it’s us.”

These words start making sense when Adelaide and her family meet the warped reflection of themselves. Nevertheless, other moments are also crucial in the film. Peele decides to demonstrate some negative features of human nature. For instance, he directs that people often don’t appreciate their comfort in the right way. In this time, there are individuals who haven’t convenient living conditions.

This film is in line with modern horror traits. It isn’t appropriate for very young or old people because they may experience difficulties with sleeping. Those who like such movies will get real pleasure and feel tension during the watching. The film was in release in US theaters on March, 2019. But, if you have the interest you can find it online.

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