The Opening of the Lodge. Pay $200 for the Luxury Stay in Scotland

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Bed and Breakfast from Prince Charles. The Royal Opening

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are celebrating the birth of the baby, but the grandfather of the child, Prince Charles, does not waste time as he decides to announce the opening of the bed and breakfast in Scotland. Surprisingly, the rooms come at a moderate price of 160 pounds, which is approximately 200 dollars. This is a liberal fee for anyone, who pays a visit to the country and is determined to visit the local sites. The place is called the Granary Lodge, which is a bed and breakfast facility that started functioning in May.
The guests are being welcomed by the staff that announced their location is the best retreat in the area. The bed and breakfast facility has been a former granary, redecorated to suit the needs of the visitors, but this is not the whole list of surprises, waiting for the potential fans to come over and enjoy their stay. According to the information, provided to the visitors, The Granary Lodge is the property that used to belong to Queen Elizabeth. The representatives of the government told the press that they hope to restore the area to its former glory to make people come over during the holiday season. The site is promised to become a famous location, attracting a lot of travelers and featuring 10 beautifully decorated bedrooms to enhance the impression.
Those, who are obsessed with luxurious sites, can book one of the two suites, present at the Granary Lodge. The bed and breakfast retreat provides the guests with the meal that is cooked from the local sources and healthy ingredients, intended to satisfy the most sophisticated of tastes. The retreat has an official website with a detailed description of the place next to the castle. One can take advantage of the vacation by visiting the tourist attractions that include the building for storage and the renowned cottage. The adjacent structures are no less famous, making the place a real honey trap for those, who are ready to pay for their comfort.

The Granary Lodge. Future Prospects

Prince Charles is the head of the foundation that manages the well-being of the retreat. It was created to help the development of the tourism field in the country. The place we are talking about had become a multi-million investment that is aimed to attract even more visitors to the Highlands in Scotland. It is already known to be a charming area with lots of sites to explore, but the opening of the retreat took the situation to the next level.
Though the prices that have been announced to the press turned out to be highly moderate, there are still people, who wish to spend weeks at the Granary Lodge to make the most of the site. The estate is currently being operated as the ultimate tourist destination, and it is no wonder that there are so many positive comments on social media, stating that the grand opening is an excellent idea. Prince Charles was seen visiting the bed and breakfast retreat to assess the facility, which is becoming more and more popular due to the feedback. The estate is guaranteed to be a success since it was created in accordance with the royal standards.

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