Overcoming the pressures of your first job

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How to Overcome First Job Blues

Let me give you a little run down of what life was for me a couple years ago. I was fresh out of school with a degree in English literature which at the time seem like a valueless set of skill to be proud of. I was living in a small apartment with four other people and we had to share bathroom and kitchen. Just imagine sharing a toilet and kitchen with four complete strangers! Really wasn’t a funny situation at all. Difficult to remember how many letters I sent out for job applications but what I can still remember vividly is the loads of rejection letters that kept piling up my doorway. I must tell you I felt nothing but low self-esteem and was almost going into a depression. My first job, however, came after four months of endless search but as I will soon discover this was just the beginning of my struggles.
There are loads of people who hate their first jobs or not satisfied with them. It’s true that your first job may not even be in your career path, as you will definitely settle for just about any kind of job just to get by. Except you are a doctor or an Engineer, then be rest assured that the salary is going to be very miserable and you still will not get the job satisfaction that you crave. Well, if you currently experiencing this, do not panic as there are various things you can do to dig yourself out of this pitiable situation.

Learn and keep the pressure down

The best advice you can possibly take as a newbie in your first job is turning off the pressure button. Yes, it’s true you may not be performing crucial surgeries, not working on the oil rings, drawing building plans or balancing accounts yet, but there are other vital lessons and experiences you are gathering along the way. Trust me before you know it, your CV has gained some extra points that your future employer will be interested in. There are simple things like how well you work with others, how you tackle work-related problems and so on. The smallest things can be your way out, so do not put too much effort trying to impress, rather learn and develop yourself as you navigate the complex work life.

Separate your work and personal life

Having to work over forty hours a week for the first time in your life can pose a serious challenge and if you are not careful you can get sunk in. Always try to keep your work life separate from your personal life. Surely, work brings in the money you need but your personal life is you. You do not want to be that person that is always ratting to friends about work and stuff relating to work all the time. I understand sometimes you need to talk to someone about how you feel when work does not go the way you want but you have to try to keep it to the very minimal as everyone has their own problems.

Never lose sight of your end goal

Dreams can be forgotten if you give all the time to your job. Understand your direction and what could increase your chances of getting there. Ask yourself certain questions like do I need to get another degree? What about relocating to a bigger city? Do I still need to place job applications? With the constant reminder of where you want to be in life, you keep your focus just on the path you want to follow. It’s not easy but always put in the effort to get to where you want to be.

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