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What Is the Purpose of a Film Review?

What Is the Purpose of a Film Review? photo

Watching films in a class or as a part of the homework is a common type of activity for training students’ writing and critical thinking skills. It is usually used to illustrate the material that is being studied and to enrich students’ points of view on a particular topic. Besides, it develops cultural and aesthetic experience in students. This all leads to the two key components that have to be highlighted in the review:

  • What massage does the film have and how is it related to the current topic in the class?
  • The critics of the film as a piece of art.

The Structure of a Film Review

A film review does not have a very settled structure but it has some key points that are worth mentioning to make a full cover up. Here are a couple of suggestions of what you should mention in the review.

Introduction. The title of the film should be mentioned in the very beginning along with a film director and the year of release. Make sure the spelling of the title and director’s name are correct, especially if they originally come from another language.

It is a good idea to give a little reference to a film director. Do a small research on his life, directing experience and style specifications. It will help you get a better understanding of why he has chosen this particular story to screen and what his personal vision of the problem is. Some of the facts can be interesting to mention, as they refer to the director’s personal experience related to the movie plot.

The plot. It is important to give a brief story of the film. It should be understandable who the main characters are and what is the problem that is raised in the movie. But do not get too much into details, you are not writing a coursework. Leave out unnecessary storylines. Try to keep it simple, so, the reader without watching the film can get some understanding what the film is about. Keep it short. The main part of the review is ahead. Though, if you are writing a film review not for a class but, for example for a blog, do not spoil the ending and try to intrigue the reader.

It is absolutely important to write about the film connection to the current topic in the class. You should think of how the film illustrates or completes the issue that is being covered during the lessons. As soon as you have established the connection in the review, write what character’s actions or words depict the current theme of discussions in the class. You may give the personal opinion on approving or disapproving these actions. Do not forget to give clear explanations why do you feel this way. Be careful while talking about characters’ behavior. Avoid using direct speeches from the movie, when illustrating your point of view.

Tip: if you are making a review for a history class after watching historical drama, pay précised attention to dates and historical figures. Sometimes there are contradictions between the film and real historical facts even in ordinary or criminal dramas.

Describing the visual component of the movie and impression that it gives you is substantial as well. It shows to the teacher that you have actually seen the film. It is nice to describe how the colors, sounds and camera moves underpin the characters’ experiences. You can also mention the general atmosphere created with the help of visual effect and artists’ play that helped to convey the core of the story more profoundly.

In the conclusion it is important to summer up the key points of your message and to give an overall impression of the film. Present the final opinion on the topic. Make a suggestion for whom the film may be interesting to.

Use Proper Style and Language

A film review is a formal writing piece. Do not use any colloquial words, avoid words conjunctions. Remember that the review has to be logically structured. Make sure anyone, who has not watched this movie, can easily understand the plot and your ideas. Use linking words such as: however, thus, moreover, besides, etc. to arrange your thoughts clearly.

Stay Creative and Original

Avoid plagiarism. There may be a couple of critics’ reviews on this film. Try to make your own impressions and conclusions before consulting with them. Consider this assignment as a chance to test critical thinking abilities of your own. Yet, if you refer to a critical report, make sure you acknowledged that in the review.

We truly believe that it was helpful and informative. We wish you an A+ film review!

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