How to read more: keep up with your reading plan

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How to read more books with less efforts

How many books do you read yearly? Or monthly? We bet that the total number will not increase 20-30 books and you know why? We always complain about the lack of time or hide the lack of desire to find it, but in most cases, it is just inability to distribute your spare time the right way (which, by the way, can be easily fixed).

Just like any other habit, you can form your reading skills and stick to it until you feel that you really enjoy the process and you are able to do it often. You will be surprised how many books on your list can be crossed within one month – and we will share the time secret with you (no magic, just facts).

Beat your records

Why should you bother of keeping track? Except for the million of benefits from reading books this occupation improves our health, self-esteem and brain connections. Whatever motivation you have, you can avoid life distractions with these tricky tips:

  1. Read what you really like. Do not make yourself reading something really difficult and unknown just because it is popular or you believe it will make you good. You will not feel good making an effort over yourself: to be motivated, start with the genre you love and enjoy the process;
  2. Always have a book with you. Who knows when you may have a spare minute? You may be stuck in a traffic jam or stand in a long line to get an appointment: if you have a book with you, you can use this time with benefit;
  3. Read 20 pages a day. How about setting a goal to read twenty pages a day? This is not hard and does not take much time, but it will make you closer to your goals;
  4. Read short books. The short book is not necessarily a bad book but it will help you read more in a shorter period of time. If you feel like cheating, then read one long after one short;
  5. Take more than one book at a time. You may be not always in the mood for one particular book especially if this is a dramatic one. Read two different books at the same time: it will speed up your reading and help you diversify your leisure;
  6. Join a book club. This sounds old-fashioned but not for a true book-lovers. Book clubs can teach you their processes and keep motivated all the time. You can also share your thoughts about the book you read with other people;
  7. Read in the morning. You have probably heard that many people read before bed but what if you do it the first thing in the morning? Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the minutes of silence you have before work reading a good book instead of searching a smartphone;
  8. Substitute your smartphone with a book. You will be shocked to know how much time a day we waste on scrolling social networks and communicating in chats. Try to use this time for reading and keep your phone down;
  9. Schedule reading. For some people, it is required to put reading in their calendars because otherwise there is no chance to find the time. If you are one of them, then schedule a time each day that you can devote to a book and gradually make it a habit;
  10. Use audiobooks. This method becomes more and more popular because it allows us to read in different places not being distracted. Of course, a real book is always better but not always it is a good option;
  11. Take a reading challenge. Challenges are made to keep us motivated, set goals and reach them. So why not to try and win especially when the occupation is so pleasant?
  12. Search actively. Always have books you will read next in mind. Even if now you are enjoying a great book, take care of having another one once you finish.

We believe that at least one of these tips will work out for you, so we are awaiting your achievements and looking forward to new records!

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