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Students Use Writing Services. Time to Sound the Alarm?

Students Use Writing Services. Time to Sound the Alarm? photo

Custom Essay Writing Is Infuriating (Or Is It Not?)

Students, the future of our nation. Who will lead the country forward? Students. Who will achieve more than we could? Students. Who will take care after us when we’re old? Students.

However, today there is an alarming fact that gives more questions than makes answers. Remember how many essays and reports we used to write at school and college? Well, it was hard but we still managed. In the meantime, modern academicians prefer texting and blogging rather than researching WW-II topics or reviewing literary pieces.

And the most amazing thing – students are tasked to do so just like we were back in the day. However they do not actually write those copious amounts of articles and reports. Instead, they turn to such services as YOUR SITE HERE and have those assignments tailored for them for money. Can you believe it?

A student pays some online freelancer to write him an essay! That seems outrageous, and that feels enraging. Isn’t the future of our nation supposed to cope with written assignments on their own?

Or maybe it’s just the times that changed?

Emotions set aside. Brain starts thinking

As a rule, using a custom writing service is cheating. But if to follow that logic, isn’t using the Internet cheating as well? Isn’t using a library or getting a writing sample cheating too?

At the end of the day, it’s all cheating. A little bit more of cheating, a little bit less – it all turns into quibble. In the meantime, a common student is on the crossroad – either he goes for a part-time job after classes to pay out the student loan or either he heads home to write another essay. As a matter of fact, the decision is tough.

Yes, it contradicts the way we see the whole picture, but the fact that US education loses its ranks every year clearly states that system becomes ineffective. Don’t have money to study? Get a loan. How to pay out the loan? Get a job (since your parents aren’t rich). How to combine studies and the job? Something must be sacrificed as twenty-four hours aren’t enough to manage all the duties.

And today that very something is essay writing.

The lesser of two evils…

American education is like Utopia, a refined ecosystem that has nothing to do with the actual reality. In the world where only every fourth high school graduate is ready to enroll into college, in the world where 40% of junior students are dropped out mainly because they have no money to continue, in the world where future doctors and entrepreneurs must deliver pizza after classes only to make it till the next term instead of hitting the textbooks, the issue of essay writing plays the second, fifth, tenth fiddle.

A student didn’t do an essay because he did a night-shift instead to have snack money? Well, we have to either live with that or change the system so that students don’t have to work to provide for living during the college years. Customized essay writing isn’t the source of the problem, educational system that gets rusty year after year actually is. And God bless those few who earn a degree despite all the hardships they have to face.

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