Unforgettable Memories From Halloween Celebration You`d Like To Share

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Halloween entertainment that is difficult to forget

If you are an Irishman, you definitely know the true essence of Halloween celebration. The spirit and the energy that comes with this holiday create a unique atmosphere. It is a time for ghost, spooky ghost stories, and invisible dangers that are lurking around the corner. Do you remember all this fun? We`ll help you refresh your memory.

Turnip Jack-o-lanterns

You will always appreciate your parents` efforts to gladden their child. You can`t even imagine how it is extremely difficult to carve a turnip and create an interesting design since its texture is similar to that of a concrete. You may ask why did they always choose a turnip for your Jack-o-lantern? The answer is pretty simple. That`s because pumpkins were not used for the celebration of Halloween in Ireland until 2000.

Carnival atmosphere

Those wild, scary, and wacky Halloween costumes will definitely remain deeply rooted in your memory forever. At this dark and spooky night, you can get into any character. You can become a visible ghost that is haunting people or a wizard who uses his or her powers and magical abilities to do magic. Just become that dreadful creature you are so afraid of and act out.

Ghost stories of your beloved granny

You will always remember your grandmother`s cozy and atmospheric kitchen where she drew inspiration to tell you the scariest stories in the world. You were always so certain that only you granny knew everything about ghosts, devils, and haunting. She treated you not only to fresh baked goods at Halloween but to a fair share of horrors.

Night of evil spirits

One thing you will undoubtedly remember is that Halloween is a real fun. But could you only believe how seriously all religious people take this celebration? Priests, monks, and nuns prefer not to stick their necks out at this frightening night.

Late October weather

It seems as if even the weather is preparing for this spooky celebration. The nature itself is creating the perfect Halloween decorations – impenetrable blackness, heavy downpours, impressive lightning, and leafless trees. This onset of winter will be really unforgettable for you.

Face painting

You won`t forget how it was exciting to guess who was behind that scary false face. The chemical smells of the paint only added an air of mystery and weirdness to this celebration. Do you recall your relatives` reaction to your Halloween mask? Fear, anxiety, horror, fright, panic, dread, terror – they were definitely the true performers of the theatre.

Apple on a string

Do you remember how did you get all these bruises after Halloween party? Maybe you just were a contestant of a comical and extremely entertaining game during which you tried to eat your apples without using your hands. This is surely one of the tastiest Halloween games.

Searching for a coin

One of the most prominent traditions in Ireland is the serving of Barmbrack, which is a kind of soft, spicy bread containing dried fruit. It is considered to be fortunate if you find a coin or other interesting items inside this cake. But can you only imagine your disappointed face as a child when you found out that you wouldn`t be a lucky person for the whole coming year?

Bobbing for eyeballs

It would be hard to forget the hilarity and entertainment that this classic Halloween game provides. You had to get your face soaking wet, hold your breath, and push the apple all the way down to the bottom of the tub before attempting to bite it.  It was definitely a great way to enjoy the festivities.

A run through the atmospheric graveyard

Of course, it was the most entertaining group activity at Halloween when you were a kid. You get cared, you get goose bumps, all this cemetery stuff makes your hair curl but still you want to prove your friends that you are brave and that any ghost won`t frighten you to death.

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