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Use these guide to write the best cover letter to get desired job

Use these guide to write the best cover letter to get desired job photo

How to write a cover letter?

Quite often, an employer requires applicants for a position not only a resume but also letters of recommendation, copies of diplomas, test results, etc. Such a package of documents is usually attached to the cover letter. Even if you only send a resume, you also need to add a cover letter.

The purpose of the cover letter is to make a potential employer pay attention to your resume. Before writing such a letter, you need to gather as much information as possible about the company you want to work in. The letter should reflect your interest in getting a job right in this company, and therefore you must demonstrate knowledge of the field the potential employer is interested in.

The structure of the cover letter

Appeal. If there is such an opportunity, address the letter to a specific person. A personalized appeal, for example, “Dear Mrs. Pearson!”, will pay more attention than the letter sent by the “Personnel Manager”, “Head of the Department”. The name of the person responsible for recruiting staff can be found on the company’s website or call the secretary.

The first paragraph should consist of three parts.

• The first part contains information on what you’ve learned about the vacancy. It is advisable to mention a previous meeting or telephone conversation, a link to a person, a friend of the addressee, or some information about the company that prompted you to contact them.
• In the second part of the letter, you need to present yourself and explain to the reader the purpose of your appeal. Here you need to write the information that can evoke the employer’s greatest interest in you.
• The third part displays information that shows your knowledge of the company or sector in which it operates. It is important not to overdo it with empty praises, the other recipient will immediately feel your insincerity. Remember that the person you send it to is well known to the company. The only thing she/he does not know is what exactly you can be useful to the company and how interested you are in getting this job.

Be confident and clear …

• In the second section, you tell about your skills. Write down how your experience, skills, education, described in the resume may be useful for a potential employer of the company.
• In the last, third section, try to initiate a contact. Specify where, when and how they can contact you.
• Signature. Use neutral expressions, for example: “Best Regards.”
• The attachment must contain a list of documents attached to the letter.


The one to whom your letter is addressed – is a very busy person, so please write as succinctly as possible.
The cover letter should never exceed the size of one page.
The approach to compiling cover letters, as well as the summary, is very individual. Our tips are general. Good luck. I hope you’ll get that position.

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