Watch the food trends: 8 things that will rock 2019

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Be in food trend: 8 things to be popular in 2019

Each December food experts (and not only them) try to predict what trends will be popular in the next year and how to surprise people now. That is why we decided to update you on most popular food ideas that you can expect in 2019 on your table.

Food trends make sense

Sometimes trends need longer than a year to appear but we already know what you can wait for in 2019 and are ready to share it with you:

#1 More than water. Have you heard about wine water? This is fruit-flavored water infused by red wine extracts and grape skins which tastes pretty similar to real wine. However, this product has no alcohol and can reduce the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart diseases;

#2 Sea gifts. We have eaten enough of potatoes and tapioca, so it is high time to get back to the ocean snacks. Experts predict that marine products will be trendy and show up in the shops more often so you can already look for salmon skin, faux tuna, water lily seeds etc in your supermarket;

#3 Nootropics. These are the drugs that are healthy for your brain and promise cognitive improvements. To this category belong eggs, salmon and dark chocolate;

#4 Sour style. 2019 promises to be all about sour products thanks to Asian cuisines popularity so you can expect more and more of sour products, marinades and sauces on your plate;

#5 Ugly products. As tasty as their good-looking competitors, imperfect fruits and vegetables that have gone to waste in the past will now appear in the shops;

#6 Marijuana. Well, yes, exactly. It is already mainstream and becomes legal in more American states so you can easily find this in the restaurants and bars;

#7 Eating home. Grocery price stabilization compared to the rise costs on dining out leads to more and more people enjoying their meals at home. However, do not confuse this trend with cooking love – such meals usually come from meal kits from the local supermarket;

#8 Automation. More, we need more bots! The food industry has also undergone automatization so now you can find automatic ordering systems. room services and even self-driving bots-waiters. What is next?

This is just a brief overview of future trends in food and of course, we expect more brilliant ideas in 2019!

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