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How to Write a Capstone Essay

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The purpose of writing a capstone project is to demonstrate what a student has learned during the course and to evaluate his/her knowledge in a certain subject. Primarily capstone essay is aimed at developing and maintaining a bunch of useful skills such as public speaking, analytical thinking, teamwork, research skills, etc. Moreover, such assignments do not merely target to verify theoretical knowledge but also tend to involve students into real life challenges and activities such as interviews, internships and other social tasks.

The tips and steps below on how to write a good capstone essay will surely be useful for you. It is easier than bying paper online from essay writer.

1.Choose the topic which you really like and have passion for

Get it approved by your instructor, roll up your sleeves and get down to work immediately. Do not postpone it from day to day thinking that you still have plenty of time. A successful and well designed essay requires much time and effort. The worst advice which can be given to a student who writes a capstone essay is to squeeze researching and writing processes into a short period.

2.Collect as much information about the chosen topic as possible

Do not limit yourself only by school/college/university program. Get to know some additional resources that are connected to your topic and are not included in the school program. Select and make a list of all books, magazines, web sites, articles, lectures, etc. which concern your topic.

3.Gather and process data in systematic manner

Look through all of information resources mentioned in your list noting and analyzing. At this point start making drafts of your future capstone essay. This section will cover a major part in your preparation process but it is one of the most important steps.

4.Do not solely describe things, but analyze them

Some students just describe what they read and rewrite it with other words. But mere description is not enough. You are expected to analyze things, share your personal view and apply your critical thinking. Involve your personal experience, describe your own impressions, make your essay more personalized and it will be highly appreciated and estimated.

5.Interlock theoretical block with practical engagement

Reinforce your theoretical statements with practical proofs. Do not forget to include various interviews, social questionnaires, experiments, researches, etc into your project. It will make your work more valuable and meaningful. The more practical data you have the more highly valued your essay/project will be.

6.After draft is ready, double check and pay close attention to syntax, punctuation and grammar

Even if the content of your essay is perfect, grammar will also be considered and evaluated. Try to avoid using so called clich├ęs and senseless phrases. Choose the words carefully and make sure all the words, sentences, paragraphs and ideas are coherent with each other.

7.Thoroughly elaborate introduction and conclusion parts of your capstone essay or project

It is no secret that introduction sets the tone for your essay and is perceived by the reader in the first place. Make it perfect and the reader will be more disposed to judge the rest of the text more positively and affirmatively. In your introductory part outline a variety of topics and issues you are going to cover in your capstone essay. Try to draw the best conclusion possible. Summarize the main points you tackled in your essay and justify their applicability.

You can also look at the official guidelines for an example by Nanovic Institute.

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