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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

To write a good essay of this type you should first define the notions of a cause and an effect. A cause is a reason, a force that makes something happen. An effect is a result of the cause. Cause and effect essay is a very widespread school and college assignment. Being a student, you must have come across such task many times and it is much easier to complete it as it may seem. You just have to apply your logical thinking and strictly follow a logical text pattern. Once you are assigned to create a cause and effect essay, you should stick to the following steps.

1.Gather as much information concerning your topic as possible

Try to get a deep insight into your topic, brainstorm ideas and make a list of all possible causes and effects for your essay. Address some information resources such as books, websites, magazines, etc. to collect necessary information and make a thorough preliminary research. Having collected enough data, get down to its analyzing and evaluation.

2.Develop an impressive outline

Work with the list of causes and effects you made up before. Select the most important and significant causes and effects and describe them in more details. There are three main logical sets up applied to cause and effect essays.

  1. One cause leading to many effects.
  2. One effect caused by many things.
  3. One cause followed by one effect.

Feel free to choose any structure to your liking. If you write a big essay which includes many points, it is possible to combine and mix the structures.

3.Build up your essay on strong arguments

It is a core point of your future essay. It is desirable to include at least three arguments into your composition. Explaining the effect of something, you should constantly refer back to its cause, thus facilitating reader’s perception of the text. Besides, always support your arguments with several factual statements.

4.Ensure smooth transitions between the paragraphs

Usually one paragraph contains a description of one argument feature. Make sure that the paragraphs are linked coherently with each other. Smoothly combine the last sentence of a previous paragraph with the first statement of a new paragraph. Do not forget to use various kinds of parenthesis in your essay to ensure the perfect text parts combination.

5.Compose a logical conclusion

While introductory part sets up the tone for your composition, conclusion is responsible for making the last impression. Conclusion is aimed at covering overall idea of your essay. It is the most personalized part of your composition. Feel free to share your own opinions, ideas and solutions. Do not just report shortly about all the above mentioned arguments but rather give your personal analytical view on them.

6.Double check grammar, spelling and punctuation

The final step to complete is to carefully edit your essay and check for spelling and grammar mistakes if there are any. It is a nice idea to pass your composition to someone else, your parents or friends, and ask them to review it and share their opinion. Be open to criticism and get ready to make some corrections to your text if necessary. Remember that good and deep thoughts should be coated with beautiful words. But if you failed, you always can buy essay online.

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