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How to write a well-read article review

How to write a well-read article review photo

Writing tips: how to write article review

Before writing article reviews you need to understand what kind of texts they are, what functions they perform and what are they used for. We will try to bring you as close as possible to the essence of writing texts in this direction and you might become more experienced than any essay writer.

What is an article review?

This is a summary of a large text. For example, to draw users’ attention to the original article. A person, after reading what is useful to him in the article described in the review, will understand whether he needs to read the original text. In general, this is a short description of a large material.

In fact, professional reviews are found in different directions and much depends on the correctness of their compilation. The main criterion is a logical assessment of the general theme of the article. It should be concretized and supported by arguments that encourage thorough study of the topic.

How are these texts used? Article reviews are needed in different situations: for a brief description of your blog or some article on the site.

We live in the era of the reader’s dependence on printed and visual information. Before choosing something, the consumer wants to read a short review about it.

How to write article reviews correctly?

There are several subtleties in writing reviews. Remember that the text is not being presented with your opinion. It is necessary to thoroughly study the article and on its basis, you can write reviews. How to do it? Here are some tips:

  1. First, we think through the structure, after reading the original document. Output for yourself the result of the knowledge that article contains itself. Highlight important points and write them down in a separate document. You should make a special emphasis on them.
  2. Reading the material, try to find contradictions. Even in the most ideal article they will be found. Think whether enough information is provided so that you can write a review on it? If something is not clear – ask the author.
  3. After reading the source document, you need to analyze the information received. Think – did you learn something new? Does the information contradict the one you knew before? How can the data be perceived by a person? Are there any obvious unreliable data, according to which they are beyond the rules?
  4. In general, you need to clearly understand what the article is about, to write a review on it and to understand how to do it correctly. If do not understand – reread the text again. Write down the key points of the article:
  • The goals set by the article.
  • Is there a clear conceptual line?
  • Are the facts highlighted and are they valuable?
  • Does the article tell us about the problem that contains in the heading?
  • How clear is the text written?

Correctly determine the structure of the review

If you have determined everything for yourself and have outlined a clear line, you need to think about how to proceed further? In technical terms, you need to come up with a good review heading. In this plan, you can choose three types:

  • Affirmative;
  • Interrogative;
  • Descriptive title.

The type is determined by how and in what manner the article is written.


Next comes the introduction and here, too, you need to think about how to write it correctly. In the review in the introduction, references to the main material are often left for those who are impatient to receive information.

The introduction can be written in different ways. It can be the statement that the information is actual, the description of impressions from the article and another that can hook the reader. Introduction is a maximum of 20% of the review, and you must keep within these figures.

 Body of the article review

In the body of the article you need to write the basic thoughts, preliminary summarizing them. Highlight the main thoughts in the review, supporting them with facts of research or evidence of the relevance of information in the article.

Although it is recommended using the citations from the main document, try to use them less often. Maximum two times – only the most basic moments. If the article has many important points, you can highlight the most valuable one.

It’s important to use quotes from other sources. Never write that you liked the article. Only arguments from external sources.


At the end, write an overview of the main parameters summarizing all the positive aspects described in the article, and confirm once again the value of information by facts from other sources. That is, make an emphasis on how information is useful or what kind of knowledge the user will gain. And do not forget that the completion is no more than 10% of the review.

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