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Writing a Statement that Reveals Your Goals

Writing a Statement that Reveals Your Goals photo

What You Should Avoid When Creating a Personal Statement

A personal statement should disclose your experience in the chosen field of knowledge. You have to be able to bring urgent matters to the table while avoiding needless rambling. This is the kind of practice that requires you to maintain professionalism by all means. On top of that, you are asked to follow a set of rules and customary practices. Avoid the subjects that have already been brought to attention and focus on motivation. Here is what you should not do if you wish to make an impression:

  • Start with generic facts. Surely, it seems like a perfect tip: giving the committee something they want to hear about. However, you will soon discover that this attitude won’t get the credits and points you have been hoping for. The motivation and the idea should not be too generic, otherwise, they will ring meaningless and hollow. Try to protect your statement from clichés and show passion instead.
  • Making an innovative introduction. You have heard about colleges that invite you to push the boundaries of creativity. They are focused on finding an original thought for their statement and turning that thought into the masterpiece. However, the tutors won’t be surprised if they receive a realistic evaluation of your talents. You do not need to try too hard to blow their mind. There are instances when future students do not get credit for the suggestions offered.
  • Mentioning other influences. We know that you can’t help telling the committee about your inspiration. However, the statement should highlight a personal achievement rather than a borrowed thesis. Do not be afraid to use additional sources but make sure that the paper is showcasing your qualifications.
  • Mentioning the shortcomings. There is no reason to be embarrassed if some of your paragraphs lack strength. However, the experts remind us that the candidates need to illustrate their strengths rather than flaws. Instead of pointing out the parts of the text that can be perfected, determine the positive characteristics of the statement. Leave the rest to the process of interviewing.
  • Adding meaningless thoughts. It is tempting to start the introduction with something personal. Although tutors need to resonate with the statement, you do not wish to distract them from your main points. Do not rely on the power of support ideas to propel the paper forward. Include information that is relevant to the subject and does not contain thoughts from undefined sources.
  • Using complicated terms. If there are a few words of the advanced quality in the text, it can be related to a specific discipline. However, it is better to count on simple, powerful statements. They render the message in a direct manner and do not need to be reiterated. You will soon realize that this is the best course of action when it comes to complex language.
  • Repeating the previously mentioned ideas. The tutors that are responsible for the task know that the concept is the key. Although they do understand the vitality of the topic, they do not need to be reminded of it. Remember that your statement has to remain laconic. It will add strength to your argument and persuade others that you are on the right track.
  • Being too honest. Personal statements should not reveal the deepest secrets of your soul. They indeed give a chance to track the evolution of ideas in the professional sense. However, we should not forget the educational value of such confessions. Protect the paper you are writing from pointless phrases. The readers should not be exploring a monologue instead of an academic case.
  • Being too stressed. It is natural to worry about the status of a statement. You will do yourself a favor by showcasing the achievements and withdrawing from demerits. It is the task of any applicant to draw a self-portrait of a charming, energetic candidate. You should be willing to portray the enthusiasm you have for the vacancy.

The teachers, reading the note, must understand you will go out of the way for the position. Try to avoid the sentences that make you seem like an apathetic person with no goals in life. Now is the time to show ambition. The statements, discussed above, are the best way to shine. You can start with the introductory facts and develop your concept gradually to ensure success. It is essential to convince the committee that you are an engaged specialist, waiting for an opportunity.

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