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Bad Writing Tips. Avoid at All Costs

Bad Writing Tips. Avoid at All Costs photo

Writing Tips that Need to be Ignored At Once

Being overwhelmed by the writing tips is a situation experts often come across. They wish to create a story that is convincing, but only find themselves implementing information that they do not require. We would like you to explore recommendations that might lead to a potentially terrible writing outcome. Some of the gurus are giving out tips that really work. However, there are always contradictory opinions that seem to confuse us.

  • Use simple words and mirror your talking style. This is actually a frightening recommendation. Not all of us have that clear way of talking that immediately lures the audience in. As a result, writing becomes mumbo-jumbo of words that do not make sense. Also, informal language is great when communicating with your fellow students. However, you need to be sure that you are using a different kind of approach in essay writing.
  • Avoid the intrigue. Answering all the questions and queries in the beginning is not a good tactic. The readers need to anticipate the conflict of the story. They should be looking forward to exploring the highlights. Instead, the following tip implies that you are ready to give them the answers before they even immerse in the story. We are not saying that too much suspense is good for a formal document, but adding an extra twist to the plot may actually win you fans.
  • Forget about the audience. This is not a terrible recommendation since you are only responsible for the piece of writing at hand. However, being completely disconnected from reality is not a good way either. Whenever you catch yourself thinking “I will just start rambling on about how I feel without any logical explanation”, stop. This is not an excellent tactic for an expert, who strives to become a fan favorite. If you have nothing to add to the story, your writing becomes a personal diary that only has value to the author. We are not saying you should be dependent on the readers, but at least take the audience into consideration. Creating fiction is not a license to ignore all the basic components of the story for the sake of pleasing a chosen few.
  • Become the genius of writing. This is not a great recommendation, either, since we have no idea about the reaction of the audience. Instead of setting unrealistic goals for the future, focus on the team of readers that already know you. Once the writers forget about their vanity, personal profit, and egotistical motives, they realize that they can actually make an income by posting novels that attract a certain niche.

This does not mean that you will become a bestselling success overnight. However, it will help the pieces to fall into place. There should be a reasonable understanding of one’s goals and achievements. Not all of us are destined to become the followers of Shakespeare, and that’s perfectly okay. Instead, find a personal style and stick to it no matter what.

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