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Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black America

Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black America photo

‘Black Panther’ as a Decisive Moment for Black America

The character of the Black Panther is traced back to 1966 when it appeared in the comic book for the first time. The creation of the character was performed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Black Panther has become the first hero of African origin in the Marvel superhero comic books and became very popular. Besides comics, the hero also appears in different TV shows and animation movies. Possessing outstanding powers and strength, the character intensifies them by means of eating herb in the shape of the heart, which due to the effect of the vibranium, provides the hero with superpowers.

Though, the character of the Black Panther provokes a lot of interest and recognition of fans, its history of production is quite long and we could only enjoy the film release in 2018. The first intention to make a film about this Marvel superhero belongs to Wesley Snipes. He announced about his desires in 1992, but it took much more time and only in 2016 the work over the film was actively started. Unfortunately, the project of Wesley Snipes gained no results and the eighteenth film of the Marvel Universe was directed by the Ryan Coogler. Being released in winter 2018 the film was premiered on the screen and in the theatre.

The Black Panther received numerous awards and gained positive feedback from numerous critics. Many of them consider the film to be the most outstanding among all the range of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is significant that this film is not merely a cinematographic production of the famous comic books and stories about its heroes; the film bears some more deep meaning and has a great cultural value. The director took risks and has made some uncommon decisions and solutions for this picture, which in fact appeared to be highly evaluated by the audience.

The main hero T’Challa is more than just a superhero with some outstanding abilities. It is so only from the first sight. But when you try to consider the things deeply, the Afro-American hero shows the strength and spirit of the whole African continent. For hundreds of thousands of years people have a stereotype that Africa is a troublesome and wild continent with the difficult life. The Black Panther describes a strong and highly developed country – Wakanda, which has gained great achievements and overcome the leading countries of the world. It is the vibranium, the strongest of the metals, which gives the resources for the high-technological development of the country.

The Black Panther became the first film of such level with ninety percent of the Afro-American actors and it is a real breakthrough. Using the Wakanda as an example, directors manage to disturb such serious topics as slavery, social inequality and Afrofuturism from the very new angle, which is rarely described in films, and especially in comics. Such perspective is new for this kind of films and has a great value and outstanding meaning. This film points out that there should be no place for race privileges or limitation of human rights, and besides that it very bright and dynamic.

If you want to become a witness of the outstanding work of cinematography, the Black Panther is a right decision. Enjoy the film, as the millions of viewers already have done and deep oneself into really prominent and one of the most remarkable cinematographic works of this year.

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