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Why You Should Love Baby Yoda

Why You Should Love Baby Yoda photo

The new Disney`s show named «The Mandalorian» did give the Star Wars fans more reasons to be happy. There was first introduced a new character Baby Yoda, the 50 years old alien who unexpectedly appeared in the last moments of the first episode of the Star Wars spinoff. It quickly became a new favorite meme in social media: you can find lots of adorable pictures of a cute little creature on Twitter or Facebook including the memes, gifs and funny videos. There are even individual accounts dedicated specifically to the Baby Yoda brand with new memes published there every day.

Love Baby Yoda!

When the Internet goes crazy about something, there are not only those who like it but also cynics who «express their maturity».  This is treated as intellectual seriousness but in fact, they just don`t understand such kind of affection. While there is the whole army of fans would dive for the little green cherub, Baby Yoda backlash has already started. But we would not take that bait.

Indeed, there are some good reasons to be suspicious of this character: first, it is a well-thought marketing move as Disney will have another source of toy income for this holiday season. However, you should remember that T-shirts, toys, cups and other merch was created for all Star Wars characters not depending on its level of adorableness. So even if Disney did not present official items in the stores, they would nevertheless appear on the black market.

The Universe of Star Wars even has a list of characters according to their cuteness. For example, Jar Jar Binks takes one of the last places as it is an ugly rabbit-frog which the movie would be better off or porgs that absolutely do not need to exist except for hiding puffin infiltration. Ewoks love or hate is a meme already although the main reason not to like them is too much fluffiness and not sticking to original seriousness of the trilogy.  Ewoks did play an important role in helping the rebels conquer the Empire`s base but do they really distract viewers more than C-3PO? Or maybe people just hate them because they cannot admit loving them in fact.

Star Wars wired guide

We should not compare Baby Yoda with ewokes as it hurts everyone whoever invested in Star Wars. Something is nagging and even grouchy in fighting against something that everybody likes just because everybody likes it: it seems like grownups poo-poo anything teenage girls do because they think it may taint art somehow. Remember what adult Yoda says: anger is hate, hate is suffering. People do love Baby Yoda but accusing Disney and The Mandalorian show of making it so cute is the same that accusing a chef of preparing a great meal by salting it.  

Baby Yoda has done almost nothing in the Mandalorian except for floating in an egg-cradle, eating, napping, and using the Force to help to kill a beast and steal the baby. Despite this fact, Baby Yoda is so lovable that it becomes proof of designers` and storytellers` powers. As a rule, the creation of adorable characters lover by all people is a ticket to Try-Hardsville (there are many commercials featuring cute little creatures that became successful) but Baby Yoda is different. Baby Yoda being is a mix of the favorite Star Wars character and a superbaby. You adore its innocent cute gremlin face, even more, when you think about wise Yoda visage: Baby Yoda easily gets the first place over Baby Groot as the best baby character. That is why Internet common obsession with Baby Yoda was meant to happen and you should love it and enjoy things: this is totally okay.

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