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Tesla`s Newest Cybertruck Release: Love It or Hate It

Tesla`s Newest Cybertruck Release: Love It or Hate It photo

The recent news for car lovers is that Tesla suddenly changed the timelines for the Cybertruck`s most and least expensive trims production. The company`s representatives state that a three-motor, all-wheel-drive pickup truck estimated at $70K in cost will start being produced in 2021, one year earlier than originally claimed. The Cybertruck with a single motor and rear-wheel-drive will follow in 2022 (a year later than the original timeline) and will cost around $40K.

A similar strategy was applied to Model 3 sedan when the most expensive version was released before a more budget-friendly option. A famous futuristic Cybertruck already gathered over 250 000 preorders since it was presented this November. Even though opinions differ when it comes to its design, the technical characteristics of the truck still overcome a famous Ford F-150 in such areas as towing capacity and the payload.

Cybertruck`s capabilities

With a collective gasp and surprised faces, the public reacted to a new Tesla`s vehicle: an electric angular stainless steel pickup truck with an unusual design. Although its launch did not go very well (the windows of the truck crashed when the lead designer smashed them), the number of preorders reached 250K within a week with no additional advertising. This is just unprecedented: probably, the opening event was not a complete failure despite Elon Musk cursing under his breath.

Some people are still excited about its production while others are not. Cybertruck combined a few of Tesla`s technologies in one piece featuring the same stainless steel alloy as in SpaceX. It included lithium ion-batteries, solar roof, and self-driving soft and hardware. Besides, Tesla offers two main ones that will most likely make the Cybertruck a winner:

  1. Battery technology and manufacturing investment that uses solar power and other renewable energy sources to reduce ecological footprint;
  2. An advance charging network (14K worldwide) allowing Tesla product owners to quickly refuel.

All this allows Tesla to keep the cost of its vehicles lower than competitors. The growing number of EVs offerings could mean the start of getting away from internal combustion engines. The ecological advantages of electric vehicles over others are undeniable: moreover, they are more pleasant to drive, quiet, fast, clean, budget-friendly and performing well in any weather conditions.

The future of electric cars

It is clear that electric vehicles have gained more popularity reaching a new level of public acceptance, as they can significantly reduce carbon emissions. Only in 2018 there was sold over 5 million of the EVS and the sales grew 165% in Canada and other countries. Electric cars still have a clear performance advantage over gasoline engines: they are also 77% less in their maintenance cost.

Even though Tesla`s pickup truck would be less effective than passenger cars, compared to non-electric vehicles its aerodynamics and motors are substantially better. EVs are both economic and environmental friendly and become an important instrument to reduce air pollution. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists report, even the best diesel/gasoline-powered vehicles have to double or even triple its fuel efficiency to compete with EVs. V2G technology is also developing: it allows turning EVs` chargers into mobile storage options to help to balance electricity supply. Thus, they become energy storages during over supply periods. Tesla`s Cybertruck is specifically good for V2G use: it will have 120/240 volt outlet to power houses in case of blackouts (Nissan is working on the same technology with its Leaf). Of course, the Cybertruck would have to compete with other manufacturers on the developing pickup market: Ford is already releasing an all-electric F-150 version. However, Tesla`s new vehicle is still a game-changer.

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