Keep Track of Money. Apps for Students

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Top 8 Apps for Managing Your Budget. Student’s Choice As soon as you start college, there are a lot of tips to be learned. One of them is the art of spending, so you don’t have to contact the family for financial support. If you…

Plan a Pitch that Will Hypnotize the Audience

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Creating an Elevator Pitch that Will Blow Them Away There is a technique, called the elevator pitch, which allows the promoters to present their own product or brand in a concise manner. It gets the name from the situation when you are staying in the…

Bad Writing Tips. Avoid at All Costs

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Writing Tips that Need to be Ignored At Once Being overwhelmed by the writing tips is a situation experts often come across. They wish to create a story that is convincing, but only find themselves implementing information that they do not require. We would like…

Turning Tumblr into the NSFW Platform. Pornhub Initiatives

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Tumblr, Bought by Pornhub. Returning to NSFW Content Though there have been rumors about the possible changes in the social media industry, Tumblr might be facing new challenges in the nearest future. It is hard to predict the outcome of the story, but the users…

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