Google Stadia: New Games Industry Threat or Not?

Date Published:

Millions of gamers all over the world have definitely heard of such a platform as Google Stadia and that most probably it will be a future of the entire games industry. But when, how and what exactly happened? Well, in March 2019, Google presented its…

Captain Marvel as a Symbol of Female Power

Date Published:

Those, who have a passion for comics and sci-fi movies, have definitely seen and consequently know such a superhero as Captain Marvel. For the last couple of months, Marvel has been a pop cultural phenomenon that is discussed by millions of people all across the…

How to read more: keep up with your reading plan

Date Published:

How to read more books with less efforts How many books do you read yearly? Or monthly? We bet that the total number will not increase 20-30 books and you know why? We always complain about the lack of time or hide the lack of…

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