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How And Why To Enhance Creative Strengths

How And Why To Enhance Creative Strengths photo

How to pinpoint and boost creative strengths in any person

In terms of creativity, many think that in our life there are only two ways possible — a person is either creative or not. When seeing a great work of design, a painting masterpiece or an exquisite piece of writing, it is taken by default that a person who is behind all that is imaginative and creative. At the same time, if you are good at math or excel in sports, it is highly unlikely that someone will call you imaginative, and the creativity will be not in the list of your strong points. Is it a correct perception that if you are, for example, a great mathematician, you cannot be creative?

What is creativity?

Creativity is a capability to come up with the new ideas and turn them into the reality. It is not solely about being artistic and inventive like it is considered by many. It is the ability to see the world in new ways, find connections between seemingly unrelated things and come up with new and innovative solutions. It is more about thinking process than about an inborn talent, and everyone has the potential to be highly creative. The task is to spot the creative strengths of a person and develop them. How can we do this? Here are several tips on how to unleash the innovative potential of your team, colleagues, students and simply anyone in your surrounding including yourself. You will be surprised at how impressive the results can be.

Treat spotting strengths as a game

It is proven that whatever you do if you include the elements of a game in the process, the results will be much better than if you treat the activity too seriously. Finding creative powers in yourself and others can be fun and, as a result, bring great outcome. You will be surprised what unique strengths you can find and how they can help an individual or a whole team and the company.

How to start discovering creative sides

As a starting point, there are many tutorials (both online and published on paper) available on how to start uncovering what your creative strengths are. Start using the guidelines by yourself first and, if you are an employer, try to incorporate the new exercises into the daily routine of your company. Several minutes spent on uncovering new potential in your employees might appear to be very beneficial for your company. It might take some time, persistence and effort, but it will be worth it.

Individual approach to everyone who embarked on the creativity journey

Have you spotted special talents in yourself and those surrounding you? It is time to put them to use. For example, if you have a person on your team who talks too much, his high need to express himself as much as possible can be very handy for the company. So, for instance, making such person leading in making a pitch in front of clients and answer all the questions can uncover the undeveloped potential of the person and will help his creative strength be utilized to the benefit of all.
On the other hand, if a person is the one who works best being alone, it might be worth making an exclusion and provide such worker with a quiet place free of disruptions. Giving a person an opportunity to work in the conditions suitable for him can unblock creative powers of the team member and will result in great advantages for your organization.

Motivation is a key

If you have spotted a creative strength in someone, you need to encourage people to develop it. Perhaps, throughout his life, a talkative person considered his desire to actively communicate with people to be his flaw, when, in fact, it is a great trait which can be turned into a special and very beneficial skill. An introverted person might also find his wish to work alone to be a disadvantage. However, after looking at it closer, such trait of character can be turned into a strength, and the unleashed creative power can be impressive.

It is a fact that we all have a huge capacity to be creative and all we need to do is to find and develop our creative strengths. The whole new world may open up in front of us after spotting and developing our creative strengths. What is for sure is that the results of our efforts might be truly astonishing.

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